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    Announcing our Request for Applications for Cohort Three!

    This application is for public school divisions in Virginia seeking to deliver improved services for their students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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    MyACE Dashboard

    MyACE Dashboard is a customizable portal that lets you earn badges by accessing VCU-ACE resources tailored for your needs.

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    Upcoming Training Calendar

    Check out our upcoming trainings for January - June 2017!

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    Beyond the Therapy Room - Integrated Therapy

    What is integrated therapy and how can it be used to support students with ASD?

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    Improving the Communication Abilities of Students with ASD

    Our Communication Guidelines and Resources support educational team members in enhancing the communication abilities of students with ASD.

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VCU-ACE is a university-based technical assistance, professional development, and educational research center for Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Communities of Leaders in Autism


Regional Communities of Learning

Regions will receive technical assistance through the development and facilitation of Communities of Leaders in Autism (CoLAs). The CoLA provides the opportunity to share information and experiences which allows members to learn from each other and have an opportunity to develop personally and professionally.

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The tiered model


Tiered Model of Professional Development

Through the Tiered Model of Professional Development, VCU-ACE strives to meet the needs of all learners across the state of Virginia by providing training activities and resources for the emergent learner, developing learner, as well as division leaders who provide professional development activities and resources that will assist with systematic change and fidelity of evidence-based practices in ASD.

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Paraprofessionals in Autism Resource and Achievement Project

The VCU-ACE PARA Project provides professional development for paraprofessionals who serve students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the teachers with whom they work. The program is designed to create effective educational teams and increase the learning of students with ASD.

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