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Archived News: What's New
December 2013

An Update from the VCU-ACE Communication State Goal Committee! Check Out the New Webpages!!

VCU-ACE and our collaborators have been hard at work and making great progress on all three of the identified State Goals: Communication, Administrator Support, and Transition. In recent months, the Communication State Goal Committee has completed and launched new web pages specific to communication and students with ASD. The web pages include information on why it is important to teach communication, what to teach in the area of communication, assessments for communication, modes of communication, functions of communication, and much more. Additional pages will be added as the committee continues to move forward with goal work. Please take a few minutes and visit the new Communication Resource pages on our website to learn more about improving communication skills with students with ASD.


Don’t Miss the Informative VCU-ACE webcasts airing December 2013 – February 2014!!

Details on Upcoming Webcasts:

December 10, 2013
Sexuality Instruction and Learners with ASD by Peter Gerhardt, Ed.D.
On completion of this webcast, participants will be able to:
*Provide an overview of the components of sexuality education.
*Recognize the importance of sexuality education as one component of community safety training.
*Recognize some the challenges to effective sexuality education specific to learners on the autism spectrum.

January 14, 2014
Inclusion: Making the Marriage Work by Barbara Webb, Ed. D.
Our goal in education must be to create a rich educational setting for all children. Special Education was originally designed as a "resource" to educational programs, not as a separate placement. Research indicates that removing children from their typical peers, undermines their capacity to learn the skills that will enable them to belong. Statistics from the CDC show a dramatic rise in autism; therefore, we must prepare our inclusive classrooms to create the educational setting to address the needs of these children. This presentation will discuss the learning differences of children with autism and how to embed specific teaching strategies into the curriculum.

February 11, 2014
Inclusion: Making the Marriage Work - Part 2 by Barbara Webb, Ed. D.
All children are able to learn, just not in the same way. Autism is an information-processing difference that affects: communication, social interaction, sensory response, and learning and thinking. In part 1, we discussed academic strategies for the classroom. This presentation will address strategies for the unstructured time within the school day, environmental supports, social supports, and communication supports. Dr. Webb will also discuss strategies for managing behavioral challenges.

To register for these and additional webcasts, visit the VCU-ACE website. If you are unable to view these or any VCU-ACE webcast on the initial air date, remember all VCU-ACE webcasts are archived for later viewing at your convenience.


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