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Archived News: In Research and Intervention
July 2012

Teens Benefit from Social Programs

While professionals and parents alike have long believed in the power of early intervention for children with ASD, new research shows that teenagers are benefitting from social skills programs as well. According to Shaun Heasley of Disability Scoop (June 13, 2012), new research from UCLA suggests that their social skills program, known as PEERS, has resulted in fewer behavior problems and improved social ability. The PEERS program targets both teens and their parents in 90 minute weekly sessions for over a period of 14 weeks. The news that treatment can continue to improve quality of life and ability long outside of the early intervention years may encourage teens and adults to seek out social training programs.

To view the entire Disability Scoop (June 13, 2012) article, click here.


Delay May be Seen in Autism Brain Research

Autism research may be delayed for years due to a freezer malfunction at a Harvard affiliated hospital. According to Amber Moore of Medical Daily (June 12, 2012), approximately 53 of 150 autism brain samples were damaged and had supported over 100 research projects and publications. The Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center is looking into the matter and has assured the public and donors that this was a rare incident, while other brain banks step up their security and technology storage systems.

To view the entire Medical Daily (June 12, 2012) article, click here.


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