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Exciting webcast annouced! September 27, 2011, 9am - noon.

A new webcast has just been announced! 

Rebecca Landa, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, will present "The Progression of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the First Few Years of Life: Key Considerations for Early Identification, Intervention, and Communication with Families."  Dr. Landa is the Director of Kennedy Kreiger's Center for Autism and Related Disorders and a professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  Dr. Landa will present on the emergence of ASD from infancy to 36 months of age.  Data from a longitudinal, prospective study of ASD will be shared.  Evidence of social, language, communication, and motor disruption in infants at risk for ASD, and the trajectory of change within these developmental systems from 6-36 months within children who do and do not have ASD will be shared.  The different developmental trajectories associated with early versus later manifestation of ASD will be presented, as will evidence of the progressive nature of ASD.  Videotaped examples will be used to highlight the differences between typical development and ASD. Early predictors of ASD and implications for early detection of ASD will be discussed.  Information about screening for ASD in toddlers and about the evidence-based Early Achievements intervention for toddlers with ASD will be presented.  This webcast has been sponsered by the Partnership for People with Disabilities at VCU, Integrated Training Collaborative and Va-LEND, Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, VCU-ACE, VDOE and TTAC.  Sign up now!