Resources: Transition to College for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Welcome to "Transition to College for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders". This training is for students like you who want to know how to get ready to go to college. This series includes 3 sections to help you through the transition process. Each section has a brief video that will guide you through the transition process. At the end of the training series, you will have a completed transition portfolio that may help you to understand your strengths and challenges. You will be provided strategies to use as you choose a college, complete applications, and make the transition to college.

  • About Us
  • Section 1: Overview
    • In section 1, you will begin creating a transition portfolio by downloading forms.
    • Materials needed: a computer, a printer, a notebook with 3 tabbed sections.
    • Please download all forms.
    • You may start or stop at any point during this training.
  • Section 2: Learning about Yourself
    In section 2, you will complete the forms you downloaded in Section One. If you have not downloaded your forms please go back to section one.
    You will:
    • Complete all forms and place them in your notebook.
    • Complete surveys which are located on websites. All website links are described in the Resources section.
  • Section 3: College Application Process
    In section 3, you will learn about the college application process, such as visiting colleges, filling out applications, and how to organize college related materials in your transition portfolio.
  • For Parents
    Parents will be guided to use an online resource: Going-to-College. This resource was desgined for high school students with disabilities to learn about college and how to prepare for it. It is also a resource for parents to help their students learn about college and prepare for success. Parents are encouraged to participate with their students as they navigate Transition-to-College.