Reading comprehension instruction for students with autism spectrum disorders: A review of the literature

by Chiang, H., & Lin, Y.

The authors reviewed studies on teaching reading comprehension to students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) with a focus on text comprehension and sight word comprehension.  The inclusion criteria established for the study eliminated all but eleven of 754 studies.  A total of 49 individuals with ASD were included in the review, of which the majority had classic autism.  A total of 13 instructional methods for teaching reading comprehension were identified by the National Reading Panel in 2000.  Of these 13 instructional methods, 5 methods are for teaching vocabulary and 8 are for teaching text comprehension. While these methods are not specifically designed for students with ASD it is suggested that they can still be useful.  Suggestions for future research are included.

Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities