Accessing employment supports in the adult system for transitioning youth with autism spectrum disorders

by Jennifer McDonough & Grant Revell

Effective transition from school to the adult community and employment for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) requires knowledge of an array of state and community agencies and organizations. This paper provided an overview of
current research on employment outcomes for persons with ASD, with emphasis on employment outcomes achieved through participation in services provided by State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies. Descriptions are given for the primary providers
of employment and related supports in the adult service system for transitioning youth with ASD. Two case study examples are provided detailing the development and implementation of employment plans responsive to the unique needs and abilities of
young adults with ASD. Becoming well informed about resources at the community and state level and learning how to network effectively among these resources are emphasized as key to planning and implementing an effective transition program for a youth with ASD.

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