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Live Face-to-Face Training

Evidence-Based Transition Practices for Secondary School Students with ASD

A live face-to-face training in Virginia. Locations include:

The purpose of this training is to increase the use of evidence-based transition practices for middle and high school students across Virginia. We have identified that in the area of transition to adulthood, there are identified evidence-based practices, yet these practices are not universally implemented. In order to remedy this situation, an intensive training/community of practice intervention is needed to increase the use of evidence-based practices and align the middle and high school curriculum with recommended transition curriculum. For this to be accomplished it is essential to include a wider audience in training and communities of practice. The audience targeted for these trainings will be:

Participants from the identified stakeholder groups will be invited to attend the trainings.

The purpose of the training event is to:

  1. provide information on transition needs and evidence-based practices for youth with ASD.
  2. facilitate regional stakeholder meetings to discuss the implementation of regional communities of practice in the area of transition for youth with ASD.
  3. support on-going development and resources to the regional communities of practice teams to maintain their work within their regions.

Each training will be a certificate based training with a total of 3 contact hours. The trainings will all begin at 1:00 p.m. and end at 5:00 p.m.

Agenda at a Glance

Registration Information

There will be 5 live one-day trainings provided across the state:

Registration for these trainings are free. Both CEU and CRCs will also be available. To register for these trainings go to the following website:

Please be sure to complete everything that is requested on the website for registration. If you have questions regarding registration please contact:
Doug Erickson,

If you have questions regarding the trainings please contact:

Grant Revell, Training Associate
(804) 828-6989

If you would like general information about VCU-ACE please go to the following website:



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