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Staci Carr

The Three T’s of Transition: Tools for the Transition Process
Staci Carr, Taryn Goodwin

Date:  8/12/2014, 3:30pm Eastern

Behavior Analysts (BCBAs®) or Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs®) may obtain 1.0 Type II continuing education credit for participating in this webcast. If you are a BCBA® or BCaBA® and want to receive this credit, please register below using the link under BCBA® / BCaBA® Registration.

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The VCU-ACE Statewide Goal Committee on Transition recognized that there are distinct domains that comprise this complex concept.  Appropriately named, “The Three T’s of Transition”, these areas are as follows:  Transition from grade-to-grade, level-to-level, teacher-to-teacher, transition to and from out-of division placement, and the transition that takes place when students leave from secondary education and embark into adulthood.    This webcast will further define transition, discuss the process by which the subcommittees analyzed each domain, provide an overview of the committee’s white paper, and provide case studies that utilize several tools developed to increase consistency and effectiveness of the transition process.

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